Monday, October 17, 2011

Analysts expect the market to be trading around 1,420 to 1,450

KUALA LUMPUR: The stock market may be on a downtrend this week as investors lock up gains they made over the recent weeks as well as continuous fears on the US and Europe economies.

Although analysts believe there may be some key announcements that may push the market upwards this week, the overall sentiment is expected to remain bearish over the short-term.

"Overall, we are expecting the market to be poor over the near term. The fundamentals have not changed. US is still expected to register a slow growth, and crisis in eurozone is expected to continue," said Chris Eng, head of research at OSK Research Sdn Bhd.

Analysts expect the market to be trading around 1,420 to 1,450 this week. News flow from the US, eurozone, as well as China is expected to be the main market drivers this week.

Investors will be looking closely at what the eurozone will be doing to tackle the deepening sovereign debt crisis in Europe, a decisive plan to address the issue is expected to be unveiled at the G-20 meeting on October 23.

According to news reports, the plan taking shape among eurozone countries to address the crisis is built on three central elements: a new bailout for Greece; an effort to shore up the banks affected by Greek losses and potential future losses from other troubled eurozone countries; and additional firepower for the European Financial Stability Facility, the bloc's bailout fund to provide a reassuring backstop.

The benchmark FTSE Bursa Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Composite Index (FBMKLCI) fell by 0.17 per cent or 2.44 points to 1,442.43 on Friday. For the week, it gained 3 per cent, or 42.38 points.

The market, which hit its peak at 1,594.74 points early July, fell to as low as 1,331.80 points late September. Year-to-date, the benchmark index fell by 5.04 per cent.

This week, banking stocks are expected to be on investors' radar, especially RHB Capital Bhd and OSK Investment Bank Bhd, which received green light to start talks of a possible merger.

Malaysian Resources Corp Bhd, having clinched a RM46.5 million deal to undertake the remaining 200m construction of a drainage system in Kuala Sungai Pahang, is also likely be on the watch list.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

OPEN your mind and THINK

Unit Trust Consultant vs Makan Gaji

Thousands of young graduates hit the street to find the job. Starting salaries from RM1500 to RM4000 or even more. When they get tired to find the job, some of them said it is enough just to get the personal assistant salary of RM1000 per month.

So, can you imagine after 5 to 6 years studying to get a bachelor degree and suddenly there is no job suitable and available, the young graduates can opt to be a Personal Assistant, a clerk, a cashier, admin staff, temporary teacher etc. Do they do it because of they love the job or because they just want to earn the money.

Where is their skills that they learn in university or college on how to survive during tough time, at last minutes. They can complete their assignment on last minute. How cannot they sit down and think about their future for another 3 to 5 years after getting their degree.

So lets open your mind and think …

Unit Trust Consultant Makan Gaji at Corporate World
Qualification SPM je Degree ma…
First Year Income Kalau rajin RM10,000 per month. Kalau malas RM0 la. RM1,500 to RM4,000. Kalau malas kena terminate bro.
After 3 Years Income RM20,000 kalau ikut cakap leaders la. Kalau tak ikut, lingkup RM3,000 to RM6,000. Kalau tak ikut cakap boss. You are FIRED. Pastu kena cari kerja lain
Tahap Sibuk Masa Mula2 kena disiplin la.
Pastu baru ada time
Disiplin dari mula kerja sampai pencen bro. Kalau tak, tak berkat masa dan rezeki kita.
Boleh Cuti Panjang boleh Boleh kalau nak cuti terus dari syarikat tu
Free Vacation Overseas insyaAllah. Boleh pergi London, Paris, Mekah dsb free vacation tak de masa I kerja dulu, Tapi pergi overseas sambil training n meeting ada la.

Imagine that you want job security, imagine that you want time freedom, you want a handsome income, free vacation. After 3 years you can become a Group Agency Manager. In the corporate world, it is close to NONE for you to become a General Manager after 3 years.

Imagine you nak cuti pergi London. Boleh tak you pergi bercuti dalam tahun pertama you kerja dengan syarikat u tu, mereka bayarkan tambang, makan dan minum you. Hotel lagi. So tak lain dan tak bukan, jawapannya ada dalam menjadi unit trust consultant Public Mutual.

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Mempersembahkan dana-dana kegemaran saya PISSF, PISTF, PISEF dan PIDF - dana semua dana ini sedang bagi the lowest price - DISKAUN! jadi apa perlu anda buat? mudah sahaja - tambahkan lagi pegangan unit. bagi pelabur EPF buat pengeluaran baru manakala bagi pelabur tunai - anda patut amnbil peluang ini untuk memulakan 'standing instruction' atau 'ringgit cost averaging' peluang paling terbaik sedang didepan mata sekarang - gunakan peluang ini atau ia akan terbang jauh. Kesemua dana-dana ini pernah mencapai paras sokongan terbaik - dan ianya punya potensi untuk bergerak kembali pada paras sokongan dana berita baik lagi PISSF akan bagi dividen pada bulan Disember - jadi apa lagi? pukul telefon 019-340 5447 Zarif