Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Secret Notes" to share with my dear follower

90 billion
Belong to bill gates.  He never work for money, he worked doing what he like and the money automatically comes
20-30s no holidays. He enjoys what he is doing.
He is working for interest.

If u want to become rich u cant work , only become average, u have to enjoy what you are doing, you become rich.
Earned by one man who never worked he enjoy doing what he love to do software.

We ca learn..people work whole their life but nver reach, coz they just follow the system, ending up u become average. They dont have excitement of what their doing, if they can escape,

You have to look at your work differently from now, work:
Are u working because u need money or u enjoy the work?
People dont understand comes from family bcoz parent
Even if u come from that family, u can still change today.
We all can make our own decision, U have the power to make a decision!
This is why many people life do not change bcoz they do not want to make decision, biasanya dlm kehidupan kita org lain buat decision.
Thats why 98% becomes average. Bahaya bcoz the poor will get poor and the rich getting richer.

Sometimes we have to increase liability to increase assets.
Robert owned property he never use his own money.
Bank looking people who lend the money, they will lend u somemore.
Thats why he can buy 2000 properties...who pays? People who pay the rent.
U can buy brand new car and used the car to get more business.
Why are you buying this? Ask this to yourself?

The idea of becoming rich.
1. Security
3. Rich

If u ask the public, do u want to be rich, all said yes? Do u know that most people 98% they. Make security no 1 that why they look for job, sbb tu majoriti tak leh jadi kaya sbb cari security, slowly dari job jadi comfort...beli kereta...rumah...hutang getting higher..higher...but the time they pay all these they dont have money...they tell otherpeople comfortable.. But they actually make people rich..

Sepatutnya rich dulu..then comfort...then baru security..kita belajar di sekolah cari do you know u are realling become rich...90% people rich started from sales line, if you remain and becomes good...x cari for stable income..and then you build sales job..the moment you build sales job..u become comfortable...then when business developed you will become secured.

People do not understand, is not about your degree, but about your ,finance...billgates,,dropdown from university...because he knows..
Do u enjoy what are u doing...if public mutual...this is what make me help people dream big, dont take this is as job, it will fail!
I am suceed because i doing what i am dreaming...this is not work for me. Why u are not excited bcoz not doing what is your dream.
Work must connect to your passion!

Are you good in selling? Hoe good are you in selling? You have to become expert in your selling. The only way to be good in your selling...PRACTICE! Practice! Practice!

You sell not because of contest...because u enjoyed! Flow one after another...sales just keep coming...a lot of people when flow start coming, think u are good, we DIVERT...

People will fail because they do not recognize diversion.
When u are not rich yet, you have to keep the momentum!
Many people ask me, why dont drive car?
Unit trust, good car will inspire people...
In my case, my Bentley cannot bring crowd...i must have latest information
A good car is a must in sales, unit trust and insurance

Definition of rich is different from other people.
Subject : why is it so difficult for people to become rich, u must have a system to become rich, u must create system to become rich, they just dreaming to become rich.


98% people are average and only 2% rich.
Reality is what happening to you right now. The reality is struggling to sell, you like to do 1million, but u are struggling..its not happening..

A lot of people have clash DREAM AND YOUR REALITY
your dream is exciting..but your reality is .?????

The most important thing in your life is what u believe is important, in my reality, i don’t need PhD...I have created my reality... Your reality is truth what is real to you.
This is problem to sales people...i did not have reality to sell very order to be Goodman selling , change my reality,, i am good
When reality changes....your life change!

When u find someone doing suddenly doing very well... Reality change!
What is the definition of rich? Your definition of rich.

Do not allow other people to interfere with
Easily accept criticism...don’t get controlled by other people
Rich , is my income growing ...and growing every year?

Who are your role model?
My dream is to compete with, you want to raise least reach that
I will take the person in this company as challenged?

When u follow role model.. Cannot follow 100%...who are you competing with?
What are the. Books you are reading, life changes when u reality changes...

The more you put yourself down..imagine dream and reality
Where are u come from..does not matter...where u want to go..its a matter...
 U need a booster, for some of you..changing a car is a booster...everybodys booster differs...
Booster...your income will grow higher and higher...
Your reality will control your productivity..


How do you bring your impian to become must practice PMA positive mental attitude...98% in the world are not positive bcoz average...blaming...chance of meeting 2% difficult because they are very busy...
Kena jaga sbb kalau x practise PMA you will catch their flu...mentally you will drop..

You become very positive about your dream...your belief...are not just belief,. Dream..only when u are positive your dream can become positive...they only highways to make your dream..think positive, thought positive...

change your must live in your dream..when u constantly live in your dream..
The journalist...first movie fail....very easy...i create a picture and i live inside the picture...
U got to live in your success picture...u got to create a perfect picture....your body will follow your reality...
It is your right to dream big...

Your health is connected to your dream...your dream you have to be superfit...its not your age...but your energy level...excitement in your life give you the energy?yes...
Reality and your dream must become ONE !

People wins jackpot...within 7years...they broke again, in their mind never saw themselves as rich...spending their reality..
You become exactly what your reality says sad if reality so low...

Nobody has the right to condemn you...except god...dont ever accept criticism or condemned u...except GOD..

Dont make anybody else more important than god...
Dont make anything important than your god...

I became rich at the age of 25 because i believe there is a god...u arw poor if you dont believe in god.

You cannot change your outside world until you change inside world.

it comes from inside.
Self confidence comes from your reality..your confidence comes from healthy reality..
Its your confidence really sells,..they dont want to ask...many people lacks of confidence...
This is your life,,,its up to you to make this life intersting,,,how do you do that..make calls..go out there and make things happening...

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